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About us

Atracco is a fast-growing company and a leader in the Nordic region in environmentally friendly car dismantling and sales of car parts over the internet. The business consists of recycling and sales of used car parts as well as materials such as metal, rubber, glass, etc. Atracco is owned by LKQ Corporation and as part of our work, we work according to a clearly defined ethical code. Read more about it here:

  • We are authorized car dismantlers.
  • We are members of the Swedish Automobile Scrapers’ Association, LAGA and are also members of MärkesDemo.
  • We are certified according to Quality Management System ISO 9001 and Environmental Management System ISO14001

An environmental thinking in time

Sweden’s cleanest and most efficient environmental remediation of scrap & crash-damaged cars! HBD received the Environmental Award in 2002 in Hedemora municipality.

Recycling and the environment are becoming increasingly important and are today a means of competition towards customers, a must towards authorities and municipalities as well as a matter of conscience for each individual. Atracco works with a clear environmental focus. We work for a more efficient car disassembly with increased quantity and improved quality of dismantled and returned car parts in case of damage repairs. No parts are wasted – we dismantle everything directly and ensure the quality of the parts that are stored. We do not have long-standing crashed cars!

“We are convinced that environmental and efficient decontamination / dismantling as well as closer customer collaborations and e-commerce are key words for the future in car dismantling. By reusing car parts, consumers, workshops and insurance companies save the environment and the financial benefits are significant. ”

atracco effektiv miljövänlig sanering av skrot

Quality assessment before disassembly

Before disassembling parts, these must be checked so that there is no visible damage. It is a natural part of the work to assess, test drive and test all components. This is an important part of the competence for disassembly.

As soon as the correct component has been dismantled, it is marked with a unique reference number. The part is now ready to be placed in our warehouse, and you as a customer can find it by searching for it using your veichle registration number or the part’s article number on our website.

All vehicles are environmentally cleaned in connection with dismantling.

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