Atracco AB uses an industry-developed computer system, it helps us to work in a structured and efficient manner with everything from registration, inventory management to sales and delivery. When the car enters the workshop hall, registration of the car takes place. Some information about the car is retrieved from the car register and others are entered manually into the computer system. The “disassembly card” includes:

Model designation

The car model’s unique code.

Color body / code

The unique code of the body.

Engine size

How much displacement the engine has.

Chassis type

What body does the car have. For example, sedan or station wagon.

Color decoration / code

Which code color decor has.

Gearbox type / code

Gearbox type or gearbox code.


How far the car has been driven.

Engine type / code

Engine type or engine code.

Rear axle transmission

How many revolutions the engine must rotate for the rear axle to rotate one revolution.

Statistics, methods & many years of routines

Before disassembling the car, we also check that both the registration number and the chassis number match the information on the disassembly card. There is a great deal of knowledge and a lot of statistics behind the methods and routines we use at Atracco AB to find out which parts we want to put in our warehouse.

Quality assessment before disassembly

Before disassembling parts, these must be checked so that there is no visible damage. It is a natural part of the work to assess, test drive and test all components. This is an important part of the competence for disassembly.

As soon as the correct component has been dismantled, it is marked with a unique reference number. The part is now ready to be placed in our warehouse, and you as a customer can find it by searching for it using your car’s registration number or the part’s article number on our website.

All vehicles are environmentally cleaned in connection with dismantling.

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