Atracco Norrköping

Atracco's facility in Norrköping is a modern car recycling facility that today handles approx. 2000 cars per year. Our dismantling facilities are leaders in environmental and rational car recycling. We stock a large number of parts from slightly older cars up to this year's models in our warehouse. Read more about Atracco Norrköping.


Ingeltorpsvägen 30
605 95 Norrköping
+46 11-495 40 00

Store opening hours

Mon-fri 07:30 – 16:30

Phone hours

Mon-fri 07:30 – 16:30

Exceptional opening hours

June 6, closed. Working day before the Easter weekend, midsummer weekend, Christmas weekend and New Year’s weekend, we close 1 hour earlier (15.30)

atracco norrköping

We at Atracco Norrköping work hard to take our responsibility when it comes to environmental issues. We attach great importance to carrying out our car disassembly in a way that has the environment in mind. We work for recycling and reuse of vehicle parts. Continuous improvement and sustainable development for current and future generations are important to us.

Karstorp's tire market

Karstorps Däckmarknad is part of Atracco Norrköping. We help you with tires, rims, wheel settings and AC service. We perform assembly, balancing, changing tires. Large rims are no problem as we have a modern machine park. There is always a large assortment of new tires and rims, a large assortment of used tires, sheet metal rims, aluminum rims and accessories such as wheel bolts, hub rings, etc. We offer tire hotels where wheel washing is included in the purchase! Feel free to book your time for shift directly on the web. Fill in the information and choose the time. If you have the wheels with us, we will see it in the booking. BOOK HERE

Work with us

If you like sales and customer contact or are good at fixing cars, then your future workplace can be with us at Atracco in Hedemora! We are not looking for anyone right now but are happy to accept spontaneous applications.

Send an email to and tell us who you are and why you want to work with us. Enter “Application” as the subject in the email. Maybe you’re our next employee!

Welcome with your application.


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Ingeltorpsvägen 30
605 95 Norrköping