Our facilities

We are a fast-growing company and a leader in the Nordic region in environmentally friendly car dismantling and sales of car parts over the internet. Below we list our facilities in the Nordic region. Under each facility, you will find contact information and information about them.

Headquarter Borås

We are changing the automotive industry with a focus on the environment, quality and efficiency.

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Atracco Hedemora

With us you will find a large assortment of used parts!

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atracco helsingborg

Atracco Helsingborg

Quality-controlled car parts with a guarantee for all car brands!

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atracco valla

Atracco Valla

Large selection of car parts for all car brands and year models.

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atracco växsjö

Atracco Växjö

We have all departments under one roof, which gives you as a customer great benefits!

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Atracco Uppsala

With us you will find a large assortment of used car parts!

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atracco norrköping

Atracco Norrköping

We have the largest assortment of used tires you can find in Norrköping, we also sell new tires!

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atracco örebro

Atracco Örebro

Örebro Bildemo has one of Sweden's largest selection of used car parts and spare parts.

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Atracco Moss

A serious and safe partner for the insurance industry and workshops.

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atracco linköping

Atracco Linköping

Atracco Linköping has high competence and many years of experience in car editing.

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Atracco Mönsterås

Southeast Sweden's largest car dismantler.

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atracco huddinge

Atracco Stockholm

Large selection of car parts for all car brands and model years. Car disassembly from the 50's!

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